It is that time of the year when staying up late and sleeping in comes to an end and we have to get ready for another exciting year of school. To help with the process we have put together Giveaway for different prize sets that you can choose from (Girl’s Cute Lunch, Boy’s Fantasy Lunch, Daddy’s Manly Bento, and Super Mom’s Cute Kitchen kit), as going back to school is not only effect the kids but moms and dads as well. We have created custom Bento sets that the winner can choose one of.  Face it moms and dads work hard too and can use a little something at times. We are really excited about this giveaway and we hope you are as well. We have combined some fun accessories with lunch boxes to help fit every family member’s lifestyle. We are giving aways 4 cute bento essential kits for 4 lucky fans. (1 each) Easy entry. Take only a few minutes. Giveaway is open to all countries.

This Girl’s Cute Lunch bento set includes all cute lunch supplies that every girl would want.

  • 1 Ag+ men’s bento lunch box (820 ml)
  • 1 pair of chopsticks (fit in top tier of the bento box)
  • 1 insulated black color lunch bag (fit the bento box and chopsticks)
  • 3 manly food picks for dads (saw, screw driver, and hammer food picks)
  • 3 fun food picks (pizza, hamburger, hot dog food picks)
  • 2 square-shaped silicone baking food cups
  • AND Free Shipping, shipping of the prize is on us, no matter where you are. (✿◠‿◠)
Since most of the time mommy helps create our meal, so we gather a Super Mom’s Cute Kitchen Kit for everyone. (even if you are not a mom, you can also enjoy this set, or even give it (if you win) to your mom.

To Enter: (Using the application below) 

  • First, login your Facebook. OR if you do not want to use Facebook, you can also log in using your name and email address. (This step here will allow us to contact you in case you win)
  • Mandatory Entry.
    Please answer: “Which prize would you like to win the most and Why?” Leave your answer by clicking “I commented” and leave your answer in the comment section below. After you leave your answer, please click “I commented” button to confirm your entry in the application below.
  • After you enter by answering the mandatory entry. It will unlock other optional entries for extra chances. There are a few optional entries. 
  • Like Us on Facebook (Extra 1 Point) and let us know your Facebook name in the application below.
  • Share this giveaway (Extra 1 Point) and let us know the “link” of where you share it in the application below. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Blog, etc.
    You can share once per day and as many as days as you like.
  • Pin it to win it. (Extra 2 Points) Pin the giveaway image banner above to your Pinterest and let us know the link where you pin it, in the application below.

This giveaway is now closed. Stay Tuned for our Next Giveaway on Facebook

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Ends at:

Giveaway ends on 13 Aug 2012, 12.01 am EST. The lucky winners will be  drawn. If the winners did not follow the above rules, a new winner will be chosen.  The winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter.  The winner must contact back within 2 business days, or we will sadly have to pick the new winner.

Good luck everyone!  Hope you like this giveaway and Thank you for stopping by. (^_^)


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