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Back to School Giveaway – Bento Lunch Box under $16

 GIVEAWAY - back to school fun lunch box, sandwich cutter, vegetable shaper and more!


It’s almost back to school time! We have put together Giveaway for different bento sets that you can choose from. All the sets are about $15 each at BentoUSA. Just about the cost of one meal you are going out. But this opens up lots of new fun lunch creation. We are giving aways 6 cute bento sets for 6 lucky fans. (1 each) Easy entry. Take only a few minutes. Giveaway is open to all countries.


giveaway1-cut-easy-cute-cutezcute-sandwich-maker copy

Prize 1 : CUT-EASY-CUTE Sandwich Maker

Wait…not just Sandwich!!!
Also great for cheese, pancake, rice mold, cookie, pie, and more 

The CuteZcute cutter has been the best selling bento cutter/mold/press.  It is VERY versatile and one set allow endless possibility. You can use this cutter for sandwich, cheese, pancake, cookie, pie, stencil mold, and more! Small cutouts can be rearranged to create other characters.…Making Cute Food is no longer a big deal…

More panda themed bento lunch supplies ► here.
More bento decorative cutter ► here.


Giveaway - #rilakkuma Bear Kids Lunch Box and Food Pick

Prize 2 : Rilakkuma Bear Lunch Box Set

San-X Japan official licensed item!… Also great as snack box, accessories box

This bento box set includes a die cut cute bear shaped bento box with removable divider food cup, featuring the famous San-X Rilakkuma Bear from Japan.  “Rilakkuma” means “Bear in relaxed mood” He is always lazy and relaxed. He is totally stress-free and also doing things on his own pace.

This set comes with matching food pick set. You can use it to pick food up like fruit, or use it as a decoration for cupcake, sandwich, rice, or any meal.

More Rilakkuma fun food bento supplies & kawaii Gift items ► here.


Bento Box GIVEAWAY - Easy entry


Prize 3 : Pinky Sheep Lunch Box Set

Love Pink? Love Sheep? This is the set for you <3

This set includes a sheep, (or is this lamb?) bento box, with removable divider food cup, matching fork and case, matching chopsticks that fit under the main lid. VERY adorable!

The additional “princess crown” shaped food picks are fun and goes very well for this pinky theme.


Giveaway - Bento Food Pick and Cupcake Ring - Back to School Theme


Prize 4 : Back to School theme Food Picks & Rings

with 2 sets of washing bowls & strainers

Back to school theme food picks & rings include crayon, ABC blackboard, A (apple), B (bee), C (car) letter food picks, and school bus theme food rings.

Final item for this set is the super convenient washing bowls and strainers. It’s not only great for washing small fruit and vegetable in the kitchen, but also perfect for washing small accessories, like bento food picks, cupcake rings. Most of food picks and cupcake rings are hand wash only, and due to its small size, it may fall into the drain. (don’t you ever have that problem?) Also great for soaking and convenient lift the strain up to drain.

More food picks and cupcake rings ► here.



Fun Veggie cutter - Make Amazing Carrot & Cucumber shapes


Prize 5:  Fun Veggie Shaper

Most popular flower shapes & fun 3D veggie shapers

This prize includes 6 pieces of small stainless steel vegetable cutter, flower & leaf shapes with a convenient clear case, airplane 3D veggie shaper, and bunnie shape too! You can cut thin-sliced carrot, cucumber and make it super fun.

More vegetable cutters ► here.


Lunch Box Giveaway #easylunchboxes with Silicone cups and Insulated Bag

Prize 6 : 3-sectional lunch box with cute food cups

Turn simple lunch box to a cute lunch box by just adding food cups!

Since prize 1 and prize 2 are great sets for people who seeks “cuteness”, but what about the other people who may just want something simple but just want to enjoy a little bit of fun in their meal? …Here is the set… This Easylunchbox set has 3 compartments. The highlight of this set is the 3 pieces of colorful food cups, high quality, very firm and stable. The food cups are deep and great for American-style lunch box or just a normal food storage container that you have at home.

The additional insulated lunch bag allows carry this lunch box upright, smooth surface and easy to clean.


YES ! We are giving all away, to 6 lucky persons (1 person each set) Enter below.

To Enter: (Using the application below) 

  • First, log in your Facebook. OR if you do not want to use Facebook, you can also log in using your name and email address. (This step here will allow us to contact you in case you win)

Mandatory Entry

  • Please answer: “I like bento lunch because…..” Leave your answer by clicking “I commented” and leave your answer in the comment section below. After you leave your answer, please click “I commented” button to confirm your entry in the application below.

Optional Entries

  • Like Us on Facebook and let us know your Facebook name in the application below.
  • Share this giveaway and let us know the “link” of where you share it in the application below. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Instagram etc. You can share once per day and as many days as you like.
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
Ends at:

Giveaway ends on 28 July 2013, 12.01 am EST. The lucky winners will be  drawn. If the winners did not follow the above rules, a new winner will be chosen.  The winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter.  The winner must contact back within 2 business days, or we will sadly have to pick the new winner.

Good luck everyone!  Hope you like this giveaway and Thank you for stopping by. (^_^)


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  5. I love the portion control of bento boxes:)

  6. I love how unique you can make each lunch!

  7. I like bento because it offers a desire to eat. The presentation is beautiful. It is made with love and care. For the child, who is picky in his eating habits, it is perfect. For the person, who has lost her or his appetite, it makes them want to at least try a bite for a taste. whether it is for apreciating the warm effort of the cook or whether it is for appreciating a lovely meal, it is perfect.

  8. I like bento lunch because its adorable and easy to be gluten free!

  9. I like bento because it offers a handy way to have a beautiful bread-free lunch!

  10. I like bento lunch because it’s healthy, cheap and also really fun to make and cute to see ^3^

  11. bento makes lunches fun for our little girls, they’re excited to see what’s for lunch!

  12. I love that it gears you toward a healthier lunch.

  13. I love bento lunch because it gives me a chance to practice my cooking and eat delicious food of a great cuisine at the same time (:

  14. I love packing bento lunches for my daughter because it brings a smile to her face and allows me to be more creative with what can be a mundane task… Packing a school lunch everyday!

  15. I like bento lunch because it makes it easy for my kids to make healthy choices when packing their lunch and helps with portion control.

  16. I like bento lunch because I can have different and healthy meal everyday. I love to pack bentos for my husband and son, they’re full of my love.

  17. I like bento lunch because everything is in one container! It makes the lunch more appealing too!

  18. I like bento boxes because it is easy to make lunch for my picky teenager!

  19. I like bento boxes because they can make a homemade bento look so much more appetizing. Sometime I bemoan healthy eating choices for a burger, but it’s hard to turn my nose up at such beautiful lunches as those in bento boxes like these!

  20. I love bento lunches because they are fun to make and it lets me know that my children are getting a healthy lunch and are filled more than school lunch will fill them

  21. My favorite item on bentousa is the Japanese Bento Box 2 tier Lunch Box Kokeshi Set Momotaro. It’s really amusing!

  22. Combining the best of health (veggies and portions), art and the ease to make this by just about anyone at anytime.

  23. I like bento lunch because it makes eating healthy fun and it’s an extra way to show my son how much he means to me

  24. I like Bento because my daughter eats all of her healthy lunch. She loves the cute shapes and is excited to see the different surprise I have in her lunch! Thank you.

  25. I like bento lunch because it is an acceptable way to play with your food. I hate cooking but love crafting and it makes cooking feel like crafting. the shapes are adorable and the tools are fun to use.

  26. I like bento lunch because it’s cheap and fun to make with kids

  27. I like bento lunch because its a fun way to get my kids to eat healthy food. It’s never boring and always creative!

  28. I know about Bento Box since I was a kid when I watched cartoon “Ninja Hatori” and “Doraemon”. And I have tried some Japanese food until now. I like Japanese culture. Our family opens mind. We have American in law and Japanese in law. Now my 4 yrs daughter,Myah(mixed between Thai and American) loves to watch how to make Bento Box on YouTube. I wanna get her some presents. Bento set is the best choice!

  29. I Love Bento Lunch because they are so much fun to make and I make them all the time for work and for my co workers! They are super easy and so yummy! I love Bento lunches! They are also great for portion control as well :D.

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