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Easy Video Recipe – Home Made Japanese Food and Fun Bento

Making Japanese food at home can sometimes be intimidating but with Ochikeron, she makes it simple and a lot of fun.  Ochikeron, a Youtube Guru, shows a wide range of yummy food creations ranging from Bento, dinners to Japanese desserts. All of her recipes are simple to follow and easy to do. We have been a big fan of  Ochikeron for a long time. She is such a cute anime happy personality with a passion for teaching the world how to cook yummy Japanese food.

Japanese Home Made Video Recipe by ochikeron on Youtube


Hurry over to Ochikeron Youtube Channel as we have teamed up with her to celebrate her 200,000 subscribers !!! with a fun little giveaway. Make sure that you take check out her videos and enter to win her Giveaway here.




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Fun with Sandwich Press – Hello Kitty and Snoopy

Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty and Snoopy Sandwich

Just another quick breakfast. Today I woke up late, so I quickly used Snoopy Sandwich Press and Hello Kitty Sandwich Press and make these fun sandwiches, with raspberry and blueberry. I forgot to buy veggie, so I used the lettuce silicone cup to make this bento look more appetizing.

Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty sandwich press cookie cutter   Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty sandwich press cookie cutter

Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty sandwich press cookie cutter Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty sandwich press cookie cutter

Kids School Lunch - Hello Kitty sandwich press cookie cutter

Bento School Lunch – Angry Pig in Easylunchboxes

Bento School Lunch - Angry Pig Sandwich in Easylunchboxes Lunch box

Just a quick cheese sandwich with tomato, broccoli, and grape, cut using Cutezcute sandwich cutter. Cheese stick and tomoto stick is connected using fun food pick. All packed in an Easylunchboxes 3 sectional lunch container, inspired by Rachel’s Random and Mamabelly


Rilakkuma Bear Fun Hard-Boiled Eggs

A while back, I stumbled upon a fun bento lunch web site and I am very impressed. So today I would like to introduce a very talented bento artist from Japan, her nickname is “Gurea” Please visit her blog. She has made many character bento (Kara ben) and has been nominated for many awards in Japan.

Here is my favorite. “How to make Rilakkuma Bear Fun Hard-Boiled Eggs” Since her blog is in Japanese, I will try to explain in English so everyone can make this, just like Gurea has inspired us. Arigatou…Gurea (Thank you!)


Fun Hard-boiled eggs - Rilakkuma Bear

In the above pictures, the brown bear is Rilakkuma bear. In case anyone who does not know about Rilakkuma. Rilakkuma or so called “Relax Bear” is a very famous (and so adorable) character from San-X, Japan. He is always lazy and relaxed. He is also accompanied by Korilakkuma bear (the white bear).

How to make Rilakkuma (brown) & KoRilakkuma (white) Hard-Boiled Eggs
1. Hard boil two eggs.  While the egg is still warm, use your finger to flatten the shape of the eggs a bit.  Soak one hard-boiled egg in clear brown soup or water with soy sauce mixed (just to get the brown color for Rilakkuma)
2. Prepare Chikuwa (can be substitute with white egg) for the ears of Korilakkuma white bear, and ham for the inner ears. Cut using the round shapes of the pink plate and the yellow plate of this cutter.
3. The inner ears of Rilakkuma are yellow cheese cut-outs using the same yellow cutter plate, small oval shape.  The noses of both bears are white cheese cut-outs using the same yellow cutter plate as well. (or using pig’s nose shape from Cutezcute cutter)
4. Both Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma bears’ faces are seaweed punch-outs from this seaweed puncher. Rearrange the seaweed using a small toothpick or tweezer if needed.


If this is too complicate for you, there is also a Rilakkuma hard-boiled egg mold that will turn any boring hard boiled egg into fun Rilakkuma bear shape in a few steps.

Awesome Hard-boiled eggs, for picky eaters
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More fun with hard-boiled egg molds.





60 Idea for St Patrick’s Day Theme Food

In celebration of St Patrick’s Day (17 March), many of us made bento lunches, dessert, and snack from St Patrick’s symbols and traditions, for example, the Leprechaun, Shamrock, Irish music, corn beef, the snake, and rainbow. St. Patrick’s Day is also a holiday known for parades, shamrocks and all things Irish. From leprechauns to the color green. For our St Patrick’s Day button, we use Cutezcute Frog rice ball, Frog face cut out using green pepper and Leprechaun’s Hat topper to make our little Froggy leprechaun.
Please click at the thumbnails below to see how other creative bento bloggers and some of our customers who share their lunch, have made their bento lunch or fun food using St Patrick’s Day them.

St Patrick Day theme Fun Food Bento Lunch
Please feel free to share your St Patrick’s Day theme lunch here. If you don’t have a blog and would like to share your picture, please send your picture and we will post the picture for you. Email us at bentousa-email
Please grab our button, copy and paste to your original post so others can come here to see and be inspired by other’s creative St Patrick’s Day theme fun food as well.

St Patricks Day Theme Food - Fun Bento Lunch



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Top 30 Valentine’s Lunch Bento 2013

 Top 30 Valentine's Bento Lunch of 2013

Top 30 Valentine’s themed bento lunches 2013

(made by talented bento and lunch artists)

Please be sure to check out their websites (click on the images) to see many great lunch ideas and be inspired like we are. A Valentine’s Day themed lunch is not only for St. Valentine’s Day, but for any occasion. It’s a great way to express your love… a valuable gift to show that you care.

Congratulations to all…your lunches have been chosen BentoUSA’s Top 30 Valentine themed bento lunches of 2013!