Easylunchboxes Decoration Contest 2011 – Part 2 of 3

Thank you for participating in our contest.   Kelly Lester from Easylunchboxes will judge the 5 finalists. The 5 finalists will be announced by 27 August 2011, and the vote will open from 27 August 2011 to 4 September 2011 at 1 pm PST. We will contact the 2 winners by email address entered in their account with AllThingsForSale.

Here is our pick for the 10 runners for Easylunchboxes Decoration Contest 2011. Please note that the order in which the images are displayed is not the order in which they were picked.

01 – Mermaid Bento

02 – Rabbit Bento

03 – Jamie

04 – Allergickidlunch

05 – Aaron Car

06 – Bear

07 – Pig Bento

08 – Funny Face

09 – Dino Bento

10 – El Sandwich

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