Fun Cookie for Halloween Tricks or Treats


October is the month for spooky creapy crawling things, tricks and treats. We are also getting into the  Halloween season by dressing up some goodies for the family. We are always looking for some reason why we need to get into the kitchen and create fun cute (spooky) sweets that would make even the ghoulish smile and water at the mouth. If you are looking for a fun halloween treat idea that both the monster and princess in your life would love, This is the one! To create this delicious assortment we used the panda cookie cutter set and the CuteZcute all-in-one bento tool.



Have a Happy, Safe, Yummy and fun Halloween


CuteZcute Animal Friends Food Deco Cutter and Stamp Kit


Panda Cookie Cutter Set

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  1. I made cute Z cute cookies on Sunday! They make great cookie cutters.

  2. I want those cookie cutters! They are so cute and I’d love to include some cookies made from them in a bento box. Love!

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