Tis the season. The other day I stumbled upon CreativeIdeas Facebook (there was no link to an actual post) and saw a very creative idea on how to make 3D Christmas tree from a normal boring cucumber and I thought that this should be a great easy way to prepare party meal especially this coming Christmas. (If you do not celebrate Christmas, the cucumber tree salad could also be added to any party or special meals.) I borrowed the concept and made my version of 3D cucumber christmas tree. (^_^)

Created by CuteZcute

What you need to make Cucumber Tree

1. Cucumber (In this picture, I used English Cucumber)
2. Skewer
3. Knife
4. About 5 minutes time (not too long right?)

How to make Cucumber Tree

1. Cut off the tip of the cucumber about 2 inches long and stick the skewer in the middle to create the base (this is how the Christmas tree will stand)
2. Slice the cucumber, not too thin (so that cucumber will not be too soft) and not too thick (so that there will not be much space in between each cucumber slice)
3. Slice the cucumber across the skewer.

4. Feather out the cucumber to be the shape of Christmas tree, or any other tree
5. Place the cucumber tip (the other end) on top to complete the Christmas three shape

6. Optional – decorated with dried cranberry, cheese, carrot, bento food pick. Serve with your favorite salad ingredients.

Now time to make this even more adorable
with CuteZcute cutter

The Santa Panda sandwich is very easy to make. I used CuteZcute Cutter (Panda shape) to create Panda sandwich. Use the Panda Eye cut-out to create a mustache. (I used Monterey Jack cheese)  Use the Frog Eye cut-outs for the Santa beard. The hat is tomato cut in triangle shape by a normal knife. White stripe is CuteZcute Frog mouth cut-out, break in half.

Picture below – The red nose Kitty’s scarf and skirt, and the Santa’s neck tie and shirt are made using this doll cutter set.  The gift boxes are cube cheese wrapped with angel hair spaghetti noodle and bow tie  shaped noodle. I used Barilla (Farfalle) made with carrots and squash. The olives on the side, I was going to make penguin but got lazy at the end 😛

Present Anyone?… who doesn’t love a good present..
♥ CuteZcute Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer has used his tomato red nose to find his way to deliver delicious fun cheese presents ♥

Below is another idea how to turn the CuteZcute Panda Sandwich to be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and another way to wrap edible cheese gift box, also great as appetizer. Below bento, all you need is just CuteZcute Cutter and a kitchen knife. The reindeer’s antlers were cut using knife in a long slim slice of bread (the crust part).

This post is a part of Holiday Blog Hop with my bento bloggers and friends. For many more fun food idea for this Holiday season (not just Christmas), click at the button below (or HERE to hop to Bentoriffic where you can find lots of fun & healthy lunches) and to see what other bento bloggers are making. There are total of 3 weeks blog hops; 6 Dec 2012, 13 Dec 2012, and 20 Dec 2012 with over 45 holidays fun food theme, stay tune on Facebook.



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