Holidays Gift Giveaway – Kitchen Gadgets and Lunch Boxes


It’s the Holidays Gift time! We have put together Giveaway for different bento sets that you can choose from 1) Panda Themed Bento Set, 2) Polka Dots Bento Box set, and 3) Handy Wo(men) Lunch Box Set. We have combined some fun accessories with lunch boxes to make the season fun and fabulous. We are giving aways 3 cute bento essential kits for 3 lucky fans. (1 each) Easy entry. Take only a few minutes. Giveaway is open to all countries.

Prize 1 : Great Gift for all Panda Lovers 

2-tier Bento Box and Animal themed Sandwich Press Maker

The bento box features a SUPER cute Panda face. Two food compartments. Top tier has a fitted lid, leak resistant, come completed with a bento belt (also called elastic strap) to hold both tiers together.

While the Sandwich Press Maker allows you to create cute panda pocket sandwich which you can fill up your favorite ingredients inside and seal the sandwich in just a few minutes!  The extra CuteZcute cutter allows you to create other animal faces as well, can be used together with the pocket sandwich maker.  Not only that! .. CuteZcute cutters also cut cheese, thin sliced vegetable, used it as rice mold and many more. It is VERY versatile. With this set …Making Cute Food is no longer a big deal…

More panda themed bento lunch supplies ► here.

Prize 2 : Polka Lunch Box Gift Set

Pink Polka Dots Lacquer Bento Box set with Insulated Bag

This lunch box set is not just a normal plastic food container. It is a lacquer bento box, made in Japan, with a nice finishing coat, making it gorgeous and the polka dots, OMG… soo cute. It comes with a cold gel pack. The matching bag is an insulated bag, to help keep your food warm longer. The matching chopsticks comes with a portable case. NO MORE disposable chopsticks!

That is not all. You see the sunglasses? They are food picks, you can use it to pick food up like fruit, or use it as a decoration for cupcake, sandwich, rice, or any meal. The hats are food toppers, and of course, food safe, and go well with the sunglasses food picks. This set also includes a mayo cup for dipping sauce or you can use it to store your daily supplement too.

Final item for this set is the adorable cute Apple-shape kitchen sponge, will fit just great on any sink.


Prize 3 : Lunch Box Set for Handy Wo(men)

100% Airtight Lunch Box Set with Insulated Bag and Cool Tool Food Picks

Since prize 1 and prize 2 are great sets for people who seeks “cuteness”, but what about the other people who may just want something simple but just want to enjoy a little bit of fun in their meal? …Here is the set… This lunch box set is 100% airtight leak proof, microwave safe, freezer safe, dishwasher safe, and comes complete with an insulated lunch bag and a pair of spoon and fork. All fit in the bag!

The additional “Tools” shaped food picks are fun and goes very well for a Handy Wo(men) theme.


YES ! We are giving all away, to 3 lucky persons (1 person each set) Enter below.

To Enter: (Using the application below) 

  • First, log in your Facebook. OR if you do not want to use Facebook, you can also log in using your name and email address. (This step here will allow us to contact you in case you win)

Mandatory Entry

  • Please answer: “What inspires you to do or want to start bento-ing?” Leave your answer by clicking “I commented” and leave your answer in the comment section below. After you leave your answer, please click “I commented” button to confirm your entry in the application below.

Optional Entries

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Giveaway ends on 17 Dec 2012, 12.01 am EST. The lucky winners will be  drawn. If the winners did not follow the above rules, a new winner will be chosen.  The winners will be announced on our Facebook and Twitter.  The winner must contact back within 2 business days, or we will sadly have to pick the new winner.

Good luck everyone!  Hope you like this giveaway and Thank you for stopping by. (^_^)


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Additional Fun Lunch Idea


  1. 211
    jen eckborg says:

    I like to make visually appealing lunches for my kids that are also healthy.

  2. 212
    Laura B says:

    My daughter was diagnosed with food allergies, which forced us to start packing food for her whereever he went, so I started searching the internet and found the wonderful world of Bentos! I try to make it as fun for her as possible since a lot of the time she can’t eat what everyone else is having.

  3. 213
    Orakarn S says:

    I was inspires by the simple rice ball. I enjoyed it and needed to pack my own lunches.

  4. 214
    Lise says:

    I discovered making cute food as a way to get my distractible preschooler to eat more lunch. But, now I’m obsessed and do it just as much for myself!

  5. 215
    Glory says:

    This is my third year bentoing. I started when my Son entered Kindergarten, I wanted to make fun cool lunches like my Mom but wasn’t sure where to start… until I found Bento.

  6. 216
    Karina leal says:

    I would love to win this for my 4 year old!

  7. 217
    Amy Mayo says:

    Thank you for the chance to win one of these fantastic sets.

  8. 218
    Samantha says:

    I love doing bento for lunch because you can have so much fun with the presentation of it. Another bonus is that the food can be portion-controlled and it motivates people to put a bit of variety into their lunchtime meals!

  9. 219
    Lupe Mendoza says:

    Seeing all the awesome bento items inspires me to make my daughter awesome lunches… it is much more fun than getting just a regular sandwich in a paper bag. All the items are super cute…

  10. 220
    Cait says:

    I like how calm I feel when I figure out what elements I want in my box and then carefully prepare them. I also take much smaller bites when I eat from a bento.

  11. 221
    Kassandre L says:

    Eating healthy: Making a bento makes it so much easier to eat healthier as you need to think about what you will put in your lunch.

  12. 222
    Amber H says:

    My twins just started Kindergarten, I bento so they know I’m thinking about them while they are in school.

  13. 223
    Amanda says:

    Bento will make my son’s lunch so much more fun for him.

  14. 224
    Kelly says:

    I want to make healthy, cute lunches!

  15. 225
    Jennifer says:

    I love giving my kids something special that brings a smile and surprise to their day.

  16. 226
    Heather says:

    I started bento for myself initially. So that I could have healthier lunches while I was pregnant. Then when my son started school it seemed like a perfect way to show him how much I love him, by making him extra special little packages each day :D

  17. 227
    Vanessa says:

    I would like to start making bentos for my toddler. I think it will make food more fun!

  18. 228
    Hana says:

    I have food allergies, and also the food served for lunch at my school is expensive, icky, and unhealthy

  19. 229
    Iriana says:

    What inspires me to do bento is knowing that my kids at work are eating healthy because they want to imitate their teacher. Seeing how they bring healthy snacks for school motivates me to keep doing bento.

  20. 230
    anne teo says:

    Mmmm…….i start bento-ing two years, it was introduce by my friend, she show me beautiful bento photos make by the bento bloggers. It was so pretty that gives me an idea that i should give it a try for my girl! So i start with a simple sandwich bento and my girl loves it! That is how I start bento-ing until now….^_^

  21. 231
    MJS says:

    It simple – I like bento because it is fun and it makes my kids smile :)

  22. 232
    tree says:

    i’m inspired by all the fabulous bento pictures i’ve seen online! It looks like so much fun, and is definitely an artform! thanks for such a great giveaway! enchantedtree(at)

  23. 233
    Amy Chen says:

    i want to start bento-ing because i love cooking and im about to have my first baby! I would love to prepare for him cute sandwiches to bring to school!!

  24. 234
    Deann says:

    I like to create bento lunches because my kids are more likely to eat them!

  25. 235
    Belinda M. F. Nation says:

    This is awesome! I would love to get into bento-ing, my children do eat healthy and this could make it even more easy to make healthy eating FUN!! :-))

  26. 236
    Danielle M says:

    Making my lunch cute and/or awesome is not only a creative outlet, but always puts a smile on my face when I pull out my lunch. No matter how stressful the day has been. It helps me relax and gear up for the afternoon.

  27. 237
    Donna L says:

    It’s a fun unique art form that encourages my girls to eat healthy!

  28. 238
    Shannon says:

    Bento makes healthy lunches look enticing to children. The bright colors of fruits and vegetables make edible art. Treat portions can be small but still satisfying. Mostly, I like knowing that the nosy volunteer moms in the lunchroom are envious of my daughters’ healthy and environmentally friendly lunches!

  29. 239
    Lindsey says:

    I honestly can’t remember the first time I found out about bento. I think I just stumbled upon it one day and have loved it and wanted to make them ever since!

  30. 240
    Shirley says:

    I’ve been wanting to bento since a long time. Its challenging to make nutritious food attractive and appealing to kids and bento does that beautifully. But I have not been able to since bento material is not available easily in my part of the world. Hoping to win this.

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