How to make cute Penguin shaped Rice Ball Bento


Rabbit and I Bento Lunch

Rabbit onigiri is made using normal Japanese rice shaped by hand. The “I” onigiri is made using fried rice for nice contrast color.

Penguin Bento Lunch

Put an appropriate amount of rice on plastic food wrap and shape the rice ball into round shape for penguin’s head. Hand cut seaweed (nori) to make cute penguin’s face. Cut the tip of small sausage for penguin’s mouth and place it on the penguin rice ball. It’s easy, isn’t it? (^_^)


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The eyes can be made using the green seaweed nori puncher:


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  1. Very cute. I love that you show how to make the rice ball!

  2. You are great

  3. Thank you Sandy ♥

  4. Thank you Kara♥

  5. Ahh ^~^ This is so cuutee<3
    Looks very yummy!!
    I will have to try this one day with my lunch ~!
    Thank you very much for posting this ^^!

  6. Thank you Sakurako ♥

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